Blakes Driving School In Morden, Surrey

Another happy pupil

Thank you for helping me pass my test I am really happy with the service that was provided by your driving school. Yours Ade Faniy, Croydon

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7 Responses to “Another happy pupil”

  1. pretoria says:

    I had Paula as my driving instructor she was so lovely and also professional, she taught me all the skills i needed to learn but we could also have fun doing it. I enjoyed going to lessons with her. Paula i will miss you, hopefully see you one day when i drive past you.

  2. Arabella Walton says:

    I passed my driving test last week, all thanks to my fabulous instructor Paula. Paula was very efficient as well as one of the loveliest people I have met. Not only did immensely enjoy my lessons with her, but now that I am driving myself, I feel really in control and ready for the hustling roads of London, all thanks to you Paula!

  3. Lizzi says:

    I passed my test on Wednesday thanks to my instructor Chris. He was really helpful and made it easy for me to relax and be calm whilst driving. I really enjoyed all my lessons thanks to Chris being very organised and a really nice person. I now feel extremely confident whilst driving and am not scared at all! Thank you so much Chris. From Lizzi :)

  4. marsha says:

    i passed my test back in july thanks to my instructor tony .He was helpfull and made me feel at ease whilst learning.enjoyed all my lessons and had a laugh at same time. thank you tony for getting me on the road lol. from marsha 😉

  5. marsha says:

    I passed my test thanks to tony,he made me feel at ease,he was funny and friendly which helped my nerves and taught me well. Id recommend blakes to anybody. Thanks tony 😉

  6. Emily says:

    passed first time today, am so HAPPY. Paula you are such an amazing teacher and made me feel to relaxed and enjoy every lesson. thank you so much for every thing !!!!! xx

  7. Caterina says:

    I PASSED!!!
    One Christmas my boyfriend gave me as a present a pack
    of five lessons from Blake Driving School to get me
    started with my driving. I had never driven before
    and I was very nervous about the whole affair.
    I was assigned KATE as my driving instructor as
    I was informed she was particularly patient with
    beginners. It was a great choice!
    KATE has been a wonderful teacher who made me feel
    at ease from the very first moment I sat on the
    driving seat of her unforgettable Fiat PUNTO!
    Very attentive to all details, eager to anaylise and
    work on my weak points (I’d like to think that my
    reverse round the corner has been practised to
    perfection by now!)I can thoroughly recommend Kate as
    your driving instructor! A big thank you to you Kate
    and to Blakes School, passing my driving test was the
    highlight of 2012!! Caterina

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