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Module 3

Pass Plus module 3; Out of Town Driving & Rural Road

This module is a practical session carried out away from town centres on rural roads including country lanes. It will cover:

  • Differences fron town driving
  • Looking well ahead
  • Driving at a safe speed
  • Dealing with bends, hills, uneven roads & dead ground
  • Keeping a safe distance
  • Overtaking safely

Driving on rural roads may bring different types of hazards compared to driving in town, this module will cover:

  • Pedestrians – No pavements!
  • Horse riders
  • Sharp blind bends
  • Using your horn
  • Farm entrances
  • Slow moving vehicles like tractors
  • Animals and livestock
  • Mud on the road
  • Passing places on narrow lanes
  • Reading the road ahead
  • Driving at a safe speed

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