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Take manual and automatic driving lessons in Wallington, with Blakes Driving Schools Wallington, Surrey.

Professional manual or automatic driving lessons in Wallington, Carshalton and Woodcote at an affordable price. Blakes Driving Instructors Wallington are all fully qualified, DSA approved and ready to get YOU on the road in the shortest time possible. You will be amazed how much lower our driving lesson prices are compared to some national driving schools!

As one of the top driving schools in Wallington we offer manual and automatic driving lessons in Wallington. You can choose a male or female driving Instructor for Pass Plus, refresher & Intensive courses or driving instructor training. At Blakes Driving Schools Wallington we aim to give you top quality lessons at the best prices. We’ve almost certainly got a patient and friendly Instructor right round the corner from where you live. So contact us today!

With Blakes Driving Schools Wallington you’ll enjoy:

  • Friendly, patient, and fully-qualified driving instructors
  • A full hour or two hour lesson
  • Test success in as few lessons as possible
  • Convenient pick-ups from home, work or school
  • New, automatic or manual dual control cars
  • Reduced lesson costs when you block book
  • Your choice of driving instructors
  • Driving lessons in Wallington seven days a week

Where do driving lessons in Wallington go?

We like to keep your lessons interesting so your route will change a bit every week. But typical driving lessons in Wallington will include a drive round the Wallington test routes, down Woodcote road towards Purley, past Wallington Girls School and along Sandy lane south.

You’ll get to try a reverse round a corner on Briar lane and a three point turn on Boundry road. The parralell parking excercise may be practised on Stanley road. The DSA test centre in Wallington is currently closed, the nearest alternatives are located at Sutton, South Norwood and Morden. The waiting times for these test centres have increased, so please make sure you don’t leave booking your test to the last minute.

Learn quickly and safely with Blakes Driving School in Wallington

Absolute beginner and looking forward to passing your test? Maybe you need a few confidence boosting refresher lessons? Perhaps you’re looking for a Pass Plus driving course? Or you want automatic driving lessons? Blakes Driving School in Wallington has got the perfect lesson for you. Ready to book? Or want a bit more information? Contact us. or Give us a call or text on 07956 442080 or 01737 213014.

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Wallington, Surrey SM6

The town of Wallington is located with the London Borough of Sutton just 10 miles south of central London and only 30 minutes away by train. It was formerly part of the County of Surrey before the merger of Beddington and Wallington in 1915. The town hall which is now home to SCOLA Sutton College of Learning for Adults was built in 1935 with the library added a year later.

Wallington is rich in history and appears in the Domesday book of 1086 which makes reference to Wallington having 2 mills unfortunately it is not known where they were located. Carshalton station was built in 1847 in open fields to the south of Wallington at the same time the Croydon to Epsom railway line opened. This made Wallington an ideal location for property development with convenient link to London.

Wallington has some great open spaces including Beddington Park home to the Grange now a modern public house and restaurant. The park has historical links to Carew Manor once a large country manor house to the Tudor Queen of England Elizabeth I dating back to the 1500’s. It is now Suttons only grade 1 listed building and used as a school. Visits and guided tours are available on various Sunday afternoons throughout the summer. The cost is around £3.50 but tickets must be booked in advance.

Learn to drive in Wallington

Today you will often see numerous driving school cars in the Wallington area, this is mainly due the local driving test centre at Mint House. Tests start and finish at the public car park in Woodcote road, just up from the traffic lights. There are plenty of suitable roads to practise a range of skills ranging from wide quiet areas where complete beginners can get to grips with the cars controls without having to worry about other traffic, to the busy traffic lights at Stafford road where the more experienced can learn how to deal with right turns with on coming traffic.

Wallington test centre is now closed

The alternative test centres to Wallington are located at:

Morden: 10 Tudor Drive, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4PE

Croydon: 111 Canterbury Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 3HH

Mitcham: Redhouse Rd, Croydon, Surrey, CR0 3AQ

Driving tests

Your driving test will start with an eyesight check where you will be asked to read a number plate from a distance of 20 metres, so make sure you take any visual aids like glasses or contact lenses with you. At car the examiner will ask you a couple of the show me tell me questions which make sure you know how to check your car is in a safe condition to drive and you know how to operate the controls. Next step you will be asked to get into the car and make yourself comfortable, if you were not the last person in the driving seat make sure you complete the cockpit drill so the seat and mirrors are in the right position. The examiner will get into the passenger seat and give you a brief talk on how the test will be conducted. Next its time to move off, don’t let your nerves get the better of you, remember when you get into the car the marking sheet is clear without any errors. The test lasts about 40 minutes, at the end the examiner will tell you that it is the end of the test and if you have passed or not. Should you not be successful it is advised to take advantage of a short debrief the examiner offers, to tell you exactly where and why you went wrong. You may choose to have your instructor present at the debrief, which will enable them to plan any more lessons you need to ensure you pass next time.

Blakes have driving courses for everyone

Blakes can offer you affordable driving lessons in Wallington with a fully qualified instructor who will help you to pass your test in the shortest possible time. If you have already passed your test but not driven for a while, then why not take a few refresher driving lessons to boost your confidence, you will be surprised how soon you can get back on the road.

Perhaps you have taken manual driving lessons but felt that there was too much to do, or couldn’t get to grips with the gears. Have you thought of trying an automatic car? Put your foot on the brake, select drive and then go! With only two pedals, a gas to make the car go and a brake to stop it, you will have more time to concentrate on what’s happening on the road ahead. What’s more on average people pass in an automatic taking less lessons than in a manual car, this means you may be able to get your driving license quicker and save money. The one down side is if you pass in an automatic car your licence will only allow you to drive an automatic.? Contact Blakes today for your motoring tuition in Wallington, Surrey. Learn to drive and enjoy freedom of the road.

Give us a call or text on 07956 442080 or 01737 213014.