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Do you live in Weybridge or Walton on Thames? Or looking for manual or automatic driving lessons Weybridge & Walton, Addelstone, Hersham, Byfleet or Shepperton? Then take your manual or automatic driving lessons in Weybridge with Blakes Driving Schools Weybridge. We’ve got a fully qualified, patient and friendly driving Instructor right round the corner from where you live. So contact us today and get on the road with Blakes.

Your driving lessons Weybridge

Your driving lessons will take you all over Weybridge, Walton and the surrounding areas. Beginner or maybe you’ve just not driven for a while, refresher or motorway lesson our instructor will choose a suitable route for your level of experience ensuring you learn to drive and reach your goals in a safe way.

Popular roads in the Weybridge area to take your driving lessons are: Old Avenue and Gower Road. Here you can practice emerging and approaching to turn left and right.

Start as a beginner and before you know it, you will be starting to learn and practice the reversing exercises: parallel parking, turn in the road and reversing round the corner. Maybe your Weybridge instructor will choose Ellesmere road as it is a perfect location.

The junction of Queens road and Monument hill will get you using your MSM (mirror-signal-position-speed-look) routine on approach to the roundabout. Your instructor will teach you how to approach at an appropriate speed so you have time to make a safe decision to go or stop and give way. If your a nervous pupil don’t worry we only have calm and patient instructors!

To take your driving lessons with Blakes Driving Schools Weybridge we will arrange to pick you up from home, work, school or even Weybridge railway station near Brooklands college.

When you are ready for your practical driving test the DSA test centres local to Weybridge and Walton on Thames are: Just off the A3 in Douglas Road, Tolworth,  Hanworth industrial estate in Chertsey, Church Road Ashford Middlesex and Worton Road Isleworth. Wherever you choose to take your test, your Weybridge instructor will take you and give you plenty of advice.

With Blakes Driving School Weybridge you’ll enjoy:

  • Friendly, patient, and well-qualified Driving Instructors
  • Test success in as few lessons as possible
  • Convenient pick-ups from home, work or school
  • A full hour or two hour lesson
  • New, automatic or manual dual control cars
  • Reduced driving lesson prices when you block book
  • Your choice of Driving Instructors
  • Driving lessons in Weybridge and the surrounding areas seven days a week

Learn quickly and safely with our driving lessons Weybridge

Absolute beginner and looking forward to passing your test? Maybe you need a few confidence boosting refresher lessons? Perhaps you’re looking for a Pass Plus driving course? Or do you want automatic driving lessons in Walton & Weybridge? Blakes Driving Schools Walton & Weybridge have the perfect driving lessons for you.

Want to book manual or automatic driving lessons in Weybridge, Walton, Addelstone, Hersham, Byfleet or Shepperton? Blakes Driving School has fully qualified Instructors for YOU.

Give us a call on 01737 213014 or 07956 442080

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Automatic Driving Lessons Weybridge

Weybridge is a town in Elmbridge Surrey, its has a wide range of road junctions and roundabouts making it an ideal location to take manual or automatic driving lessons. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the country and famous residents have included: Sir Cliff Richard, Ringo Star, Tom Jones and John Lennon.

Automatic Driving Schools Weybridge

Whilst we wont be teaching you any reversing exercises in St Georges Hill, there are plenty of suitable roads to practice your maneuvers before you take your driving test. As a considerate driving school we always try to inconvenience local residence as little as possible. This can be done by not spending too much time in one road and allowing other road users to pass when performing set exercises. Your Weybridge manual or automatic driving instructor will help you to be a safe and courteous driver too!

Automatic Driving Instructors Weybridge

Have you considered taking automatic driving lessons in Weybridge? Perhaps you’ve tried manual and decided that automatic might be better for you! We can advise you on the pros and cons of automatic lessons, just call Katy in the office on 01737 213014, she’s chatty and really helpful. Generally when taking driving lessons people who have tuition in an automatic car have fewer lessons, which means passing the test quicker and saving money too…. happy days!

Intensive Driving Courses Weybridge

Blakes are pleased to be able to help you get your driving license fast, with a intensive or semi intensive driving course. We don’t offer a one size fits all package as experience has told us that everyone has different needs. What we will do is meet up with you to see what you know and what you need to learn. This will give us a good estimate of the number of hours tuition you need to get to test standard. We also found that working this way saves our pupils a lot of money. Why pay for lessons you don’t need? If you want to start an intensive driving course in Weybridge also know as a crash course. Call us today on 01737 213014

Affordable Driving Lessons Weybridge

Blakes Driving School has grown over the past seven years by offering high quality driving lessons at an affordable price. Check out our Why Choose Us page to see why we think we are better than the rest! We only have experienced fully qualified instructors who will display a green DSA badge in their car windscreen on all lessons.

Contact Blakes driving school Weybridge  today for all your driver training needs in Weybridge.

Give us a call or text on 07956 442080 or 01737 213014.