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Driving lessons in Wimbledon

Do you live in Wimbledon? Or looking for manual or automatic driving lessons in Wimbledon, Morden, Merton, Raynes Park, Mitcham or South Wimbledon? Then take your driving lessons in your local area with Blakes Driving School Wimbledon. We’ve almost certainly got a fully qualified, patient and friendly Driving Instructor right round the corner from where you live.

We are proud to offer the people of Wimbledon SW19 the best driving lessons in Wimbledon that money can buy. As the number one Wimbledon Driving School our choice of male or female driving instructors are all fully qualified expert teachers. This will ensure you pass your driving test fast and pay less. For manual or automatic Driving Lessons in Wimbledon call Blakes Driving School in Wimbledon on 01737 213014 or 07956 442080

For lessons in nearby areas:

Take lessons in Wimbledon with Blakes Driving School

Wimbledon is a fabulous town and an ideal location to learn to drive. It is located in South London within the London borough of Merton and internationally famous for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Your driving lessons in Wimbledon will take you all over Wimbledon and the surrounding areas.

You could get to practice your right turns at South Wimbledon tube crossroads. Or learn how to approach a roundabout at Tibbets Corner or Shannon Corner.

How about a drive down Wimbledon Hill Road from Wimbledon Village to the Town Centre? The Wimbledon one way system is a great way to learn about road markings and road positioning.

Or how about the T junction at the end of West Barnes Lane? A right turn will take you towards Raynes Park and a left turn towards the A3.

And remember. We have a tram stop in Wimbledon so you’ll learn to negotiate tram lines. (It’s easy: you drive straight over them when the light turns green!)

The nearest DSA driving test centres to Wimbledon are located at; Tudor drive in Morden or down the A3 at Tolworth in Douglas Road. But don’t worry your Wimbledon driving instructor knows them all!

With Blakes Driving School in Wimbledon you’ll enjoy:

  • Friendly, patient, and well-qualified Driving Instructors
  • Test success in as few lessons as possible
  • Convenient pick-ups from home, work or school
  • A full hour or two hour lesson
  • New, automatic or manual dual control cars
  • Reduced driving lesson priceswhen you block book
  • Your choice of Driving Instructors Wimbledon SW19
  • Driving lessons in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas seven days a week

Learn quickly and safely with our driving lessons in Wimbledon

If you are a complete beginner and never driven a car before, this is what will happen on your first Wimbledon driving lesson. Your instructor will pick you up from your chosen location, this might be your home, school, college or place of work. For the first few lessons the instructor (who is also known as an ADI) will drive you both to a quiet road to start your tuition. The area around Wimbledon Parkside is well suited for the controls lesson, here you will take the driving seat and be shown what the cars controls do and how to use them. You will then progress to moving away and stopping, getting plenty of practice coordinating the foot pedals clutch, brake and gas.

When your ready, it’s time to use the steering wheel too! You might take a short drive down Copse Hill into Cottenham Park Road then left into Durham Road to make some left and right turns into Melbury Gardens and Cambridge Road. Your Blakes Driving Schools Wimbledon instructor will guide you all the way. In no time you will be driving with very little help but loads of encouragement!

You maybe a little nervous about your first driving lesson. We know it’s easier said than done, when we say don’t worry, but your Wimbledon driving instructor will be patient and friendly to help ease your nerves. By helping to create a relaxed atmosphere you will get the most out of your lessons. We hope you enjoy all your Driving Lessons in Wimbledon.

What type of driving lessons in Wimbledon SW19 are you looking for? refresher lessons, Automatic tuition, intensive driving courses in the Wimbledon area? We have a driving course for everyone from beginner to international drivers looking for a few pointers before a short notice driving test.

Driving lessons in Wimbledon start form only £22 per hour. Block book only 5 hours and get our block booking discount. Although our prices are low we don’t cut corners! Lessons will be at least an hour duration guaranteed and all our driving instructors Wimbledon are fully qualified. Unlike other Wimbledon Driving Schools we don’t have any trainee instructors. Call us today and learn to drive in Wimbledon SW19 on 01737 213014 or 07956 442080 we accept texts too