Merry Christmas from Blakes driving school

Jo Passed With a Bump

Congratulations to Jo who passed her driving test first time last week and just in time for the arrival of her baby.

Jo said “I’ve just passed my test first time round, and with days to go before the birth of my 2nd child, having only started when I was 4 months pregnant. My instructor Trish has been absolutely fantastic at getting me through before my “deadline”. I’m not a natural driver and not the most confident of pupils, but her teaching ensured that I was ready for anything on the day itself and reached test standard. It’s been really enjoyable learning with Trish and I’m almost sorry that I’ve now passed – life without Trish’s lessons will be a bit dull!

Enjoy the freedom your driving license will bring Jo, its going t be so much easier getting from A to B now. Thanks for taking the time to tell us and others how pleased you were with your driving lessons with Trish.

If you would like to learn to drive with Trish and take driving lessons in Epsom, Ewell, Morden or New Malden call us on 08456 44 81 44M and pass first time like Jo did.

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